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Infantile Cerebral Palsy (ICP) traditional treatment, which has been used up to the present time, is a complex of rehabilitation procedures. The main impact is not on the palsy - injured cells - but on the consequences of neurological disorders, on the weakness of limbs.
That is why the rehabilitation has a formal, ineffective influence. As for the new methods of surgeon correction in 1980-1990s consisting in introducing embryo cells, tendon lengthen, they bring momentary weak effect, that even get worse in the future. In all cases the treatment of mental and speech retardation was corrected with the help of speech therapist only.
At the end of the XX-th century this dogma has no longer right to exist. In 1998 during Neuroscience Society congress in Los Angeles, America it was confirmed that nerve cells could be restored, they can multiply and replace the injured ones. But for this actions they need stimulation.
Five years earlier Moscow medical center "Primavera medica" has created and successfully used different schemes of metabolic preparation for brain and spinal ailments.
This method of metabolic, developed in "Primavera medica" was examined with the use of double blind method in different institutions in Russia, for instance, in Pediatric Institute of Russian Medical Science Academy in Moscow infantile hospital 13 name after N.F. Philatov and so on. The significant part of the research work was done in the infantile psycho-neurology for the treatment of infantile disability. Nowadays "Primavera medica" features the metabolic preparations of the last generation. The first group of them affects the blood circulation in brain and extremities, the second group stimulates the parts of brain which determine intellectual abilities. After the use of metabolic preparations muscular tension becomes lower, hyperkinesis disappears, movement coordination improves, personal vocabulary enlarges, speech habits improves, patient an academic ability at school increase.
Professor Alexander Khokhlov made a report about the new achievements in the treatment of neurological and genetic (hereditary) diseases by means of metabolic therapy when he was on the Balkan Geneticist's' Congress in Yugoslavia, Novy Sad in August 2000. Metabolic preparations normalize the metabolism in the cells of the injured organism without influencing the structure of the changed chromosomes. The use of metabolic therapy leads not only to the improvement of mental abilities but also to the changes of some phenotypical signes of the illness (for example, Down Syndrome).
Scientific and practical research made by the "Primavera medica" specialists under the head of Professor Alexander Khokhlov in the field of surgery transfers so-called "surgical" diseases in the rate of "therapeutical" ones. For example, using metabolic therapy for the treatment of obliterating endarteritis and lower limbs atherosclerosis. It is admitted that patient's blood flow is restored and there is no need of amputation.
In ophthalmology metabolic therapy succeed in vision improvement in case of cataract (primary cataract and immature cataract) that helps to avoid an operation. This kind of treatment remains irreplaceable for cornea, conjunctiva and optic nerve atrophy treatment.
In gynecology the use of metabolic preparations helps to avoid uterus amputations in case of myoma uterus. During the treatment myoma is reduced in size considerably or even disappears. Metabolic therapy does not reduce woman's fertility and does not lead to misbalance of her hormone background during the treatment of myoma uterus and endometriosis.
Here we would like to share our experience in using amino acids in medical practice.
Medical center "Primavera medica" - Moscow medical center makes research and treats the following ailments:
1. neurological diseases;
2. genetic diseases;
3. surgical diseases;
4. eye diseases;
5. oncological diseases;
6. gynecological diseases;
7. dependence states (drug addiction, alcohol abuse).
It consists of different structural departments:
1. consultant department (29 neurologists, psycho-neurologists, neuro-geneticists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, gynecologists, oncologists consulting on an out-patient basis);
2. rehabilitation department;
3. ultrasound department;
4. laboratory department;
5. electro-functional diagnostic department;
6. scientific department;
7. production department.
For 10 years of work more than 60 000 patients applied for help in "Primavera medica" and 35 clinics and medical centers in Russia, Chekh Republic,Ukraine, Cyprus, Bulgaria, which use metabolic treatment with different ailments, they are:AilmentNumber of patients
ICP (infantile cerebral palsy) 16 700
Mental and speech retardation5 380
Multiple sclerosis 3 200
Parkinson's disease2 700
Vegeto-vascular dystonia 2 350
Autism 1 840
Epilepsy 1 620
The consequences of the acute breach of cerebral blood circulation 1 150
Vertebro-basilar insufficiency 670
Spinal amiotrophy560
Friedreich ataxia 240
Down syndrome 970
Cataract 1 820
Narcomania 750
Alcoholism 670
Decubitus and trophic ulcer180
Contractures (including those caused by ICP, traumas and insults) 540
Obliterating atherosclerosis of lower limbs 140
Hemorroids 1 130
Anal fissure 380
Adenoma of prostate 150
Myoma uterus 250
Every day the doctors of "Primavera medica" accept about 150 primary and repeated patients.
The treatment is based on the use of aminoacids of the natural origin, they were worked out under the supervision of Professor Alexander Khokhlov in the scientific department of PM. Metabolic preparations are registered in the Ministry of health and inserted in the Federal register of biologically active food supplements.
Different types of schemes of metabolic preparations (more than 20 schemes) help to achieve evident therapeutic effect in the treatment of the above mentioned and other diseases.
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