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A.P. Khokhlov, M.D., Professor;
Dotsenko, MD,PhD

The question of non-surgical treatment of myoma uterus is of great importance because of the following factors:
1. frequency of such cases (25-30% women above 35 years old, 30-35% women of menopause age)
2. complications accompanying the growing of tumor (hemorrhage, posthemorrhagic anemia, secondary changes in myomatic ganglions and others)
3. necessity of revising the indications for the uterus ablation.

The principles of non-surgical treatment of myoma uterus are based on the conception of the hormonal-dependent character of this tumor and on the use of medicines which stop its development. But there are several contraindications for the use of hormonal medicines which determine constitute the base of non-surgical therapy of myoma uterus. They are thromboembolism and thrombophlebitis in anamnesis, varicosis, hypertension, different types of endocrine system disfunction, malignant tumors operations in anamnesis. According to many authors' data, hormonal therapy is effective mainly in the treatment of menopause age women, while the women having menstruation suffer from the rapid increase in size of tumor after the end of therapy with hormonal preparations.

In this connection the possibility of treatment with non-hormonal preparations is being investigated. These preparations influence the pathogenic mechanism of myoma uterus increase. SEVIT-F can be among these preparations.
We included SEVIT-F in complex treatment of 36 women aged 34-45 with myoma uterus. They had the different size and localization of myomatic ganglions (the size of myoma uterus corresponded to 12-8 week pregnancy - from 10 to 48 mm). SEVIT-F was prescribed 3 ml 4 times a day before meal per os. All the patients had dynamic examination during 5 months. The effectiveness of our treatment was assessed according to the data of common clinical and laboratory examinations (clinical blood test, biochemical research, the index of protrombin, coagulogram, the level of sex hormones) and of ultrasound sonography. Having the results of dynamic examination we found out that during the treatment with SEVIT-F all the patients had their myomatic ganglions obviously reduced in size rather evenly, though during the 5th month only 25% of patients had this process continued, but 75% of patients did not have the myomatic ganglions changed in size. Myomatic ganglions were not found during the ultrasound examination of 33,3% patients after 3-4 months of treatment.

The size of myomas in this group was 10-15 mm before treatment. We found the stabilization of the appearance of estrogen in blood, the normalization of estradiol and estriol levels. All the patients under research had normal results of dynamic laboratorial examinations.All patients mention the general health improvement, life tonus and spirit increase, disappearance of pain syndrome, lack of dysfunctional hemorrhage. No side effects are stated So, during the use of SEVIT-F there are the real reduction in size of myoma uterus, stabilization of hormonal status of organism, improvement of the health state and as a consequence the improvement of women's life quality with this particular kind of pathology.